Clutch cover for Toyota Hilax Gun 215,216 NEW 31210-0K280

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Model: For HILUX GUN125,GUN126 2016,FORTUNER GUN156 1GD 2016 New Model
Year: 2015-2016, 2015-2016, 2015-2016
OEM No. 31210-0K280
Ref No. 31210-0K280, 31210-4K10, CTX-170A, TYC-655,31210-4K10,CTX-170A,TYC-655
Size: 278*168*311
Type: DT
Warranty: 12 months
Place of Origin: Wenzhou, China
Brand Name: GEENAR
Certification: ISO/TS16949:2002 Standard
Car Model: For Hilux Revo
Keyword: Clutch Cover, Clutch cover
Use For: For Toyota
Car Make: For Toyota 
Service: Life-long
Delivery time: 30-90days

Product type Clutch Disc  ,Clutch cover For car/Truck/Heavy Duty Truck
Material Clutch Facing ,(ceramic ,copper , organic , free asbestos) Clutch plate (bao steel , better steel),Spring(Longer life time , Better performance . 60Si2Mn /55CrSi) Hub (45#steel ),Rivets Clutch pressure plate :Cast Iron Clutch Cover -Bao Steel , SPHC Stamped Steel Clutch Cover -HT250 Spring/Diaphragm Spring:Good quality , Longer life time . 55CrV
Size Oem Standard,110MM-430MM  Clutch Parts
Advantages: 1.Better Facing . Copper Clutch buttons , clutch facing with copper ,better performance . Ceramic clutch buttons
2. Longer life time . Better steel , strong springs , better clutch facing . All makes our clutch disc and clutch cover have longer life time .
3. More comfortable . Our clutch disc and clutch cover have better comfort degree .
4. We can supply clutch discand clutch cover for Chinese truck , Russian Truck,European Truck , Korean Truck , Japanese Truck , American Truck .  ISUZU , NISSAN , SUZUKI ,
We are professional in making and designing various clutch accessories and brake parts!
If you are interested,just feel free to contact us,we will be at your service any time!