Clutch kit for Land rover FTC575 ,1862 928 001 , FRC 4679 ,FRC 9568,1850 282 639,STC8363

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3.Professional Perfomance Auto parts supplier
4.Fit for Land Rovr

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Model: 200TDI 300TDI 
Year: 1998-2016
OEM No. FTC575, 1862 928 001,1850 282 639
Ref No. FTC575 FRC8573 STC8388 STC8358 FTC2149 STC50501 LR009366 FTC2404 FTC148 URB100670 URB100760 576557 430123 5430123 3082973001 HE 2857, HE 2860, HE 5798, FTC8363,HB09260,324003110,C736AF,C393AF,1862928001,HK 9773, AD3545, 624 1231 00, 624 0531 00, 124 0014 51,FRC 4679,FRC 9568,GRB223,FRC 4679,GRB236,
Size: 240*10
Type: Clutch Kit
Warranty: 12 Months
Place of Origin: Wenhou,China
Brand Name: Geenar
Certification: ISO/TS16949:2002 Standard
Car Model:
Used for Land Rovr
Keyword: Clutch Kit
Use For:
Car Make:  
Used for Land Rovr
Service: Life-long
Delivery time: 30-90days

Product type Clutch Disc  ,Clutch cover For car/Truck/Heavy Duty Truck
Material Clutch Facing ,(ceramic ,copper , organic , free asbestos) Clutch plate (bao steel , better steel),Spring(Longer life time , Better performance . 60Si2Mn /55CrSi) Hub (45#steel ),Rivets Clutch pressure plate :Cast Iron Clutch Cover -Bao Steel , SPHC Stamped Steel Clutch Cover -HT250 Spring/Diaphragm Spring:Good quality , Longer life time . 55CrV
Size Oem Standard,110MM-430MM  Clutch Parts
Advantages: 1.Better Facing . Copper Clutch buttons , clutch facing with copper ,better performance . Ceramic clutch buttons
2. Longer life time . Better steel , strong springs , better clutch facing . All makes our clutch disc and clutch cover have longer life time .
3. More comfortable . Our clutch disc and clutch cover have better comfort degree .
4. We can supply clutch discand clutch cover for Chinese truck , Russian Truck,European Truck , Korean Truck , Japanese Truck , American Truck .  ISUZU , NISSAN , SUZUKI ,
We are professional in making and designing various clutch accessories and brake parts!
If you are interested,just feel free to contact us,we will be at your service any time!